Thank you 

Everyone that supported 


Together we donated over $4,000.00 

To the Food Banks




Our 13th Annual Event on December 2nd was a great success !

I would like to thank all our volunteers that came out early in
the afternoon to help with the setup and then stayed 
on until the end and helped pack it all up for next year.

Many thanks to our performers who give of their talents. 
They make this possible.
This year's music was amazing !

"Roxfield Point" started the night out with some wonderful 
sounds and music; they are always a joy to hear and to dance to.
They were followed by "Double Take", with the help of Ron Dort 
playing a standup bass. Andy's and Lyne's voice blend so nicely ! 
This year we asked "Edwin Orion Brownell" to entertain us for a little 
while. he did not disappoint ! a wonderful performance by a very 
talented man ! 
The "Steve Rowe Holiday Blues Band" added some entertainment to his 
show with the sound of Judy Ann's voice and George Papafilys plucking 
and strumming. 
We enjoyed the music of "Tangoluna"; the dance floor filled very quickly 
and stayed full for the entire performance. 
Later in the evening the always entertaining "This is True" had a couple 
of treats for us, with Barb Harris, Carol Schumph, Tim Alleyne and 
Pascal Tirapani joining them on stage.
We closed the show with "The Dwane Dixon Band" doing all original tunes.
A real treat for anyone who has seen him performing live. 
he only did one cover tune all night (at my request)

Amongst the musicians this event has become a time of musical comradely. 
Amazing how most of them are connected from days gone by !

The volunteers and I would like to take this time to thank 
all of our supporters who came out for this cause.
This year, with not all the cheques and money in and the continuing 
events for St. Nick are still raising funds for this cause, 
we have counted $4,000.00 which will be given to our local food banks
so that they will be able to provide Christmas baskets to the 
many people they help at this time of the year.

Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas
Peter Angrove 
and all the people from Bands For Baskets









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Our lineup and schedule for

December 2nd 2018

We are happy to have performing @

4 pm = Roxfield Point

5 pm = Double Take

6 pm = Edwin Orion Brownell

7 pm = Steve Rowe

8 pm = Tangoluna

9 pm = This is True

10 pm Dwane Dixion Band

All original All Dwane


Very Special thanks to our sponsers